Integrated business processes

The system combines all the key roles in car rental, including individual customers, brokers, insurers, companies, websites, payment providers, cars, fleet and employees. All operations are integrated with each other. This ensures that operations are as effective as possible and the likelihood of errors is minimized.

Key processes that we have programmed

Sales process – customer service, creating price lists, motivating employees, invoicing, payments and promotion. 

Rental process – booking, issuing and collecting vehicles. 

Fleet management – monitoring of costs, services, remote location registration, full service of defects, timely withdrawal of vehicles.

Unique integration solutions

We’ve programmed a powerful set of integration tools to help you connect your business with insurers, brokers, companies and third party platforms. Our software supports a variety of standards from XML to modern JSON APIs.

Transferring and synchronizing information takes milliseconds and there is no risk of data loss or connection to RentalCars, Enterprice cars, PZU, among others.

Configurable and flexible

The system is modular – it is possible to implement only the necessary modules. This is especially important for companies that want to achieve results quickly by automating their most important tasks and then expanding them.

On request, we undertake tasks tailored to the needs of your company. This can involve the integration of internal or external software. 

Excellent foundation for networking activities

You can easily add our car rental functionality to your websites or partners’ websites.

Our “plugin” is an effective and simple solution but if you decide to use our proprietary interface you will give your customers a uniquely clear and fast way to handle the whole process remotely.

Complex information methods

Access to all data allows you to plan future operations. You can use ready-made reports as well as configure your own.

Dashboard has statistics on the number of rentals, reservations, fleet utilization by segments or service. 

The system has alarm notifications, thanks to which you will be able to keep up to date also outside the company.


The ergonomics of the system is very high. This reduces the time and costs of implementation. New employees “enter” the system easily, and managers willingly and often use it in everyday management.

The application is available through a browser and does not require any job configuration. The interface is clear – an asset for the help desk.

A mobile application practically does not require technical training.


SoRent is designed and programmed according to the latest and best software standards. Automatic tests, precise design based on UML diagrams. We employ only appropriately experienced programmers on a permanent basis.

We constantly monitor the performance of our servers and systems. In case of problems we react quickly and every problem is thoroughly analyzed.